Club News for March, 2014

Tony King -
Things ain’t what they used to be

The evening of March 13th brought guest speaker Tony King to Charvil Village Hall with his power point presentation entitled “Things ain’t what they used to be”.

Full of nostalgia, starting in the 1920’s and concentrating on the 1930’s to 1970’s Tony led the members on a visit down memory lane, starting with the advent of Television in the 30’s onto the 50’s. The Queen’s Coronation in 1952 heralded the beginnings of family T.V. on the small black and white 9, 12 & 14 inch television sets, with the various test cards, Richard Dimbleby and Sylvia Peters, followed by Harry Corbett and Sooty, and a host of other children’s programmes including the Thunderbird series The films of the era with the cowboys and the Saturday morning ABC Minors. Radio programmes were remembered with Dick Barton, Dixon of Dock Green, Hughie Green, Top of the Pops, the Archers still running, and others.

All these programmes, people and events were recalled with the accompaniment of original sound tracks. Political events and famous and some infamous people of those times were recalled including the birth of the NHS and the Welfare State. The depth and spread of his talk was truly impressive, reminding his audience of distant and often forgotten memories. The evening closed with the traditional refreshments, one card Competition and raffle.

General Dealing

An informal General Dealers evening ensued at Jubilee Hall, Charvil on March 27th, when a relaxed atmosphere allowed the search for hidden treasures and discussion to take place with guest postcard dealer Michael Collier present along with club dealers.

Coming up

The next meeting at the Jubilee Hall on April 24th is the Quarterly Member’s Auction with 2 small collections of cigarette cards from members of the public, which will be auctioned with some interesting lots which are expected to bring some keen bidding. Plans for the Club’s highlight of the year, the Annual Fair at Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading on Sunday, June 29th, are going smoothly with all 162 tables already taken by postcard and cigarette card dealers from many parts of the UK. This Card Fair is rated to be one of the biggest and best of it’s kind in the UK.