Club News for February, 2014

Jean Fleming WW2 Collectables

Despite closed flooded roads our guest speaker Jean Fleming made it through to Charvil Village Hall on February 13th to display and talk about her massive collection of WW2 collectables which she believes to be the biggest private one of it's kind in the UK, it also includes a fully operational genuine wartime NAAFI Tea Wagon which she takes to displays and National events, Jean did not bring it on the night though!

She brought along masses of smaller wartime articles and explained the significance to the War effort of them. Jean said that it was just a fraction of her collection, and she is often called upon by the BBC and Imperial War Museum to provide information and display items.

The time flew by, the members fully expected to hear the sirens sounding, and it brought back many nostalgic memories to the older members. After a WVS style break for refreshments the meeting concluded with the single card competition and raffle.

Annual Card Competition

On February 27th the club held it's annual card competition for a display of 6 cards with the letter “I” as the theme at the Jubilee Hall, Charvil. There were three classes, one for Cigarette Cards, another for Postcards and a third for Mixed cards. During the evening the members were all asked to judge the board displays, and afterwards the winners were announced, all the participants were asked to talk for a few minutes about their entries. The winners were :

Cigarette/Trade Cards :
Graham Wright with the Huntley & Palmers series of “Inventors”.

Postcards :
Roy Sheppard with “Industries of the Countryside”.

Mixed Cards :
Ken Hussey with “Imperial Airways”

All the entrants were congratulated on their ingenuity and effort shown in their varied displays.

The Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner, one of the highlights of the Club's programme, took place at “The Great House” at Sonning on Tuesday evening, March 4th, when thirty members and guests enjoyed a top class meal and a relaxing conversation where Card Collecting was not mentioned!!!

Coming Up

The next meeting on March 13th at Charvil Village Hall will be a guest speaker, Tony King whose Power Point presentation will be on “Things ain't what they used to be” which sounds very mysterious and interesting.

The end of March meeting on the 27th is a general dealing evening at the Jubilee Hall, Charvil from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, members of the public are welcome to come along and buy or bring postcard or cigarette cards along for valuation and advice.

Ref. Disc 15, CLPUBFEB 2014