Club News for Autumn 2015

Eccentric London - Alan Copeland 10th September

September 10th at Charvil Village Hall was the venue for the annual return of guest speaker Alan Copeland who gave a powerpoint display and fascinating talk in his normal rumbustious style on “Eccentric London, part 1”.
Alan has spent many years visiting, photographing and researching oddities in local rural locations, and now includes London on his journeys. This one on London oddities included discovering the Imperial Length Standards, and the smallest police station formerly for one policeman, but now no longer manned, but still preserved, both of which are to be found in Trafalgar Square.
He then showed us the plaque at Moorgate, where the first bomb was dropped in WW1 on London, the more recent Women's War Memorial in Whitehall, and the Porters rest, a street bench near to Burlington Arcade at Piccadilly, and so many others.
The smallest house in London was built to shut off a short narrow alleyway in Hyde Park Place. More recent buildings, such as the “Shard” and the “Gherkin” with their own peculiarities were all part of our journey. We all realised how little we actually observe when visiting London, especially with it's hurly burly pace of life. A thoroughly enjoyable evening for everyone, topped off with the traditional refreshments, one card competition and raffle.

Sell and Swap - 24 September

September 24th at Jubilee Hall, Charvil, was an evening when members brought along their unwanted postcards, cigarette cards and bits of ephemera to sell and swap between themselves. Always enjoyable as it provides an opportunity to talk to others about their collecting interests and recent finds, as well as hopefully adding to one's own collection.

Ships to the Islands - Richard Howarth 8th October

Moving on to October 8th at Charvil Village Hall, Club Chairman, Richard Howarth, gave a well researched powerpoint display on ”Ships to the Islands”, which took us around the coastline of England, Wales and Scotland, to the small islands numbering 600 plus, scattered around our shores. Richard showed us many of the boats that served these islands, used not for just transporting passengers, tourists and holidaymakers, but necessary as a vital supply link for coal, foodstuffs, produce, livestock and mail, especially during the inclement winter months, particularly to the Scottish Isles, and along the shores of the lochs.
Our journey took us to the Isle of Wight, railway owned steamers to the Channel Isles, boats from Bristol to Cardiff, and journeying between the Isle of Man to Liverpool, and from Heysham to Ireland, and from Stranraer to Larne, to name but a few routes.
Richard dwelt on the vital service of the various boats on the Scottish lochs, “David Mc Brayne Ltd” being one of largest companies that plied the lengths of the lochs, serving the very isolated communities. This was a very memorable journey for all the audience who travelled the miles feeling the motion of the boats, and yet they never moved from their seats !!!

Recent Finds - 22nd October

The last October meeting was on 22nd at Jubilee Hall, Charvil, when members brought along some of their recent finds and enthused about them to the audience. Ken Hussey showed recent additions to his collection of Imperial Airways postcards.
Geoff Ashton showed three panoramic LL postcards associated with the Isle of Wight, rarities these, still in their wall mounted frames, but not for long.
John Cahill, ever topical with the latest James Bond film due to be released, showed his collection of James Bond model cars and their variations (all boxed) and various series of James Bond trade cards, which will no doubt be considerably enhanced soon.
Roy Sheppard talked about cards that he recently found when searching through his and his wife's collection. One treasured postcard of particular note, was a vintage view of Maresfield village in Sussex, Ann's father had written on the back “My last evening out here, June 6th 1944, France tomorrow”, he survived the war in Europe, and later became a stalwart of the club for many years.
Coral Print showed her latest treasured auction buy, 11 of 12 lantern slides of the “V.C. Heroes” painted by Harry Payne, extremely rare, but missing one which she desperately wants !!
Richard Howarth then displayed his recent purchase of a large quantity of mainly UK coastal shipping photographs in various sizes. His final show stopper was an actual pennant that had flown on a “Caledonia McBrayne” steamer, complete with sea spray!! What a variety of items, ensuring an entertaining and enjoyable evening.

Next Meetings

The next meeting is the Club's Member's Quarterly Auction on November12th at 8.00pm, Charvil Village Hall.

Following that on November 26th, Club President, Ken Hussey” will give a power point talk on ”The Lartigue Monorail” in Ireland.

The Club year concludes with the AGM and Xmas party at Charvil Village Hall on December10th.

More details about the Club and the hobbies can be found by visiting the club website, or telephone 0118-9695155.


Roy Sheppard (Publicity Officer)