Club News 2020

December2019 Meeting

36 members attended, the evening is always the most popular one in the Club’s yearly calendar.

The official part of the evening began with the AGM, the Chairman, Richard Howarth welcomed everyone, and stated that unfortunately the President, Ken Hussey was unable to be with us, as he was in hospital. Richard began with a brief review of the year, emphasising the success and important role of the Annual Club Fair, which this year had an increased attendance of 39, which was a very welcome reversal to the trend of recent years. We had also seen the enrolment and regular attendance of 3 new members, although sadly 3 others had died. An interesting year of activities and speakers had been enjoyed, and more were being planned for 2020.

Roy Sheppard, treasurer, stated that the Club had another successful year, but forecast that 2020 would see a decline in club finances due to increased price costs, higher club outgoing donations, and a reduction of income, but this was affordable.

The Phil Blow Trophy was presented by Derek Blow to the most successful winner of the Club’s Single Card Competition held on every club night with 4 categories. As anticipated, this year’s winner was the outstanding Mike Compton, to whom congratulations were paid.

The Brian Eighteen award, made to the member who in the opinion of the committee had supported the Club with their behind-the-scenes work over the years was Anne Cahill, helping John Cahill over many years with the Fair Competition, and the Club Competition evening, a regular event in the Club’s diary.

No new nominations to the Committee were received, so the Committee were unanimously re-elected en-bloc.

The formal aspect of the evening concluded, and the Xmas Party began with a lovely buffet and drinks. Meanwhile this evening’s Single Card Competition was won by Mike Compton (AGAIN !!), and the picture quiz was won by Richard Keefe and his young daughter, Elizabeth. Finally, every member present received a prize from the free raffle, an early start to Christmas !!! The programme for 2020 will shortly appear on the Club’s website :

The Club welcomes any members of the public to come along to their evenings for free and see what the Club is about, you do not have to be a collector of postcards or cigarette cards to enjoy the variety of evenings. Or if you need further information, or have any cards to dispose of in the Club’s Quarterly Auctions, then please ring 0118-9695155. 

For further information about the Club, the hobby, the future programme, and contact details, please visit the club website

Roy Sheppard (Publicity Officer) tel. 0118-9695155