Club News Autumn 2016

Victoria Cross Winners

July 14th at the Charvil Village Hall Coral Print gave a power point presentation about Victoria Cross Winners from the Crimean War, the intervening wars, the Indian Mutiny, before the outbreak of the First World War which included double VC winners. The pictures showed V.C. winners portrayed on Victorian Scraps, Cigarette and Trade cards, and postcards, illustrating the tremendous variety of material that exists on this topic. The talk was very enjoyable for the members, and afterwards they were able to look at some of the original material which Coral had brought along.

August Meeting

There was only one meeting in August when club members were able to express the way that the club was being run, and any improvements or changes that they proposed for consideration by the committee. This brief discussion was then followed by a showing and explanation by the exhibitors of some of the boards that were entered into the Annual Display Competition held at Rivermead Leisure Centre on June 19th.

Eccentric London

With the start of the Autumn programme the club welcomed back Alan Copeland, a splendid raconteur and photographer, who on this occasion gave part 2 of his show and talk on “Eccentric London, part 2”. His tour took us to magnificent buildings like the Hindu Temple at Neasden, and the nearby Neasden shops with strange frontages above the shops. The restored art Deco frontage of the Carreras building with the black cats, the Victorian red brick Prudential HQ, and the newly refurbished departure platforms of St Pancras and the imposing exterior of St Pancras Hotel. While smaller oddities included a small mausoleum built in stone and designed as a square desert tent, housing the coffins of Sir Richard Burton and his wife, (Sir Richard was a renowned African desert explorer). The interior of the mausoleum can be seen at the rear of it via a small ladder and viewing window. Many other memorials were shown, including one to Joseph Bazalgette, the Victorian designer and civil engineer of London's underground sewage system. Alan's talk and show made us all aware how in our haste we miss so much of interest behind the scenes and at the higher building levels every time that we visit busy large cities, especially London.

Milestones Visit

In August fifteen members and friends visited the Milestones Museum at Basingstoke as the Club' summer outing and spent the whole day walking around the mile of indoor recreated Edwardian and Victorian street scenes. The working penny slot machine arcade brought back childhood memories, and the opportunity to have-a-go was too great a temptation for most of us. Childhood sweets weighed out in pan scales with ration coupons could not be resisted either. Wonderfully restored static displays of vintage road vehicles, farm and manufacturing machinery together with displays showing the evolution of many household devices, such as washing machines, wireless and TV, sewing machines, and so many more items. Nostalgia abounded and flooded back, while younger visitors were delightfully transported for a few hours, away from the modern addiction of the personal, portable small screen.

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