Club News Spring 2016

Neil Baldry on vintage Austin Sevens

The meeting at Charvil Village Hall on March 10th was an illustrated talk by club member Neil Baldry on another of his collecting passions vintage Austin Seven cars of which he has four either fully restored or an ongoing project.

Neil explained Sir Herbert Austin had until 1920 built larger saloon cars but the Austin Company was by then in dire financial straits. The way out he decided was to build a revolutionary small family car designed for a mass market similar to the Ford model T car but lighter and smaller. The chassis design was based on an “A” frame and powered by a 747 ccs side valve engine. Herbert Austin put a lot of his own money into the venture and had 3 prototypes available by 1922.

Production began in 1923, and by the end of that year 2.500 Austin 7’s had been manufactured. Production finally ceased in 1939, by which time 290,000 cars and vans had been made with various body designs and modifications to the original models which Neil pointed out during his talk ranging from the addition of windscreen wipers, brakes developments, body shapes all appealing to various sectors of the mass public. Sir Herbert saved the Company and created a giant in the car manufacturing industry of that period right through to the 1950’s. Neil displayed an extensive knowledge about these cars, answering many of the finer technical points raised.

The traditional raffle, refreshments, and one card competition followed to end a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Annual Dinner

The Club’s Annual Dinner was held on 15th March at a new venue, “The Bull Inn at Bisham”. Twenty eight members and guests attended and it was an outstanding success with a universal request to come again next year, and was described by most as the best yet !!!

Bring and Buy - 24th March

The meeting on March 24th ay the Jubilee Hall, Charvil, was a general “Bring, Buy, and Sell” evening, when members brought along cards and ephemera items, and bartered between themselves with many delighted with new treasures for old !!!

Coming Soon

The next meeting is on April 14th at Charvil Village Hall starting at 7.30pm, it is one of the Club’s regular Quarterly Auctions for members, but open to members of the public to sell any unwanted cigarette cards or pre-1950 postcards.
If you have any possible items of interest for future auctions please ring 0118-9695155, full details about the Club can be found on our website,

Roy Sheppard (Publicity Officer) tel. 0118-9695155